Thursday, 22 August 2013

Barry 2013

This kid is one of the most special to me of all the kids I've worked with. There's is something very special about him! Ask anyone who has met him. Without further ado.....

Meet Barry, a 7 year old boy waiting for a mom and dad in China. I have been blessed to spend time with Barry over the past two summers and get to know and love him like my own didi (brother). Barry has and will see many of his friends meet their parents in his short life and now it's his turn.

On bumper cars, 'HEEYYYY, BU HAO (not good), don't you bump into us!' He is so bossy!!!

Barry is one of those kids with a special spark about him. He has such a big and cheerful personality and everyone just loves being around him (from volunteers to ayi's and other kids). He loves meeting new people and making new friends, always greeting them with a big smile! Honestly, he laughs so much of the time! He has a real cheeky side which comes out a lot.

Barry goes to school and tries hard most of the time, but like any 7 year old boy, he much prefers playing with his friends! I spent a few weeks teaching his English class which was a lot of fun! He knows quite a bit of English, and can understand a lot. One funny thing about him is that when he talks to foreigners in Chinese, apparently he speaks like a foreigner so that we will understand him!

Barry has a physical special need which means he cannot walk, however this does not really hold him back from too much in life. This year I was fortunate enough to be with him when he was given his own brand new wheelchair! He now speeds around the place in his new wheels and loves having races with two of his friends who also have wheelchairs!

His new wheels! 
First glimpse of his new wheelchair!
Being fitted in by Donna Mama

His wheelchair makes him much more mobile!
With Hong Wei gege
One thing I can guarantee is that Barry's personality far outshines his special need. In fact after spending so much time with him I realised that I never thought about his special need. It just was the way it was. He is very capable and has overcome many obstacles. Barry is so bright, funny, cute, charming and above all else he is loveable and has so much love to give too.

Saying goodbye... I know I look weird but it was a sweet moment. He just laid his head on my chest. 
Saying goodbye to Tory, who he formed a tight bond with at camp this year. He leaned his head against Tory's and said 'I love you'.  This kid NEEDS a family. 

If you would like more information about adopting Barry please just get in touch. I have lots of stories I can share with you!

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