Eyes Opened, Heart Changed

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

EW Jan Visit part 2

Part 2:
Was so great getting to see all the kids again!! Got to meet some new kids and help out at the new school which was great to see! They have moved into a new school centre with big bright classrooms! I even helped out by teaching English one of the days! I yet again had to say goodbye...


I got to see how the 'babies' (now all toddlers) were doing! Couldn't believe how much they had all grown!!

He has since been adopted by a Spanish Family! How cool!

My princess Wendy!!

Penn leaving to be adopted... Life never to be the same again!

One of my new favourites! He would call me over 'gege, gege...' (big brother...)

So pretty!

That smile!!

Happy bright and colourful new classroom!

Eagles Wings Jan 2014 pt 1

Want to tell you about my visit to Eagles Wings in Jan 2014! Just to remind you, I spent 5 weeks there in summer 2013 after meeting the kids at Bring Me Hope camp the previous summer. Amazing amazing kids, no exaggeration!!

On my January trip I spent 4 days with the kids again! Will share some photos and stories from my trip! My good Chinese friend Kevin came for the first day which was great! And then after that the kids were in school so was fun to see how their new school was going! More in next blog post

Beautiful Fay with front teeth missing!

Happy Barry with bed hair after nap time!

Kevin and Shan

Wesley and his lego gun!

Sean who has since been adopted!

He's so silly!

Lei was my Bring Me Hope camp buddy last summer too!

With Christopher! One of the most excited kids to see me! His CP means he can't speak so it does take time to get used to what he wants, so having people who know him well is so important to him! Love this kid! He's so smart! 
With Penn who was adopted on my last day at Eagles Wings!

Remember XiaoLin? He was abandoned and came to Eagles Wings while I was there in the summer. He is doing so well! Still very delayed but he's so happy!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Justin is waiting for a family

I was first introduced to Justin last (2013) summer while visiting his orphanage. They wanted me to try find him a family, and that is what I am doing. 
He is on CCAI's agency list: http://www.ccaifamily.org/WaitingChild/11294


Justin is 12 years old and in so many different ways he is just a normal kid. He was raised by a foster family for most of his life and had to go to the orphanage when his foster parents became ill and could no longer care for him. HE has had heart surgery this year and I am told he is doing really well since!

He has been to normal school most of his life, and seems intellectually normal for his age. He is quite mature, but not too mature! ;) He told me that he hates snoring (haha) and that he used to sleep much better before he was at the orphanage as one of the other boys there snores really loudly!! 

He said he likes going to school and that he loves all of his subjects! (he goes to mainstream school) Though he said he especially likes English as he is the best in his class! He likes to brag that he gets the best makrs in his class! And I am told he has good English pronunciation and good comprehension for his age and situation. He told me that he wants to be a volunteer when he grows up, just like one of the other volunteers who has spent a lot of time with him, who was a role model for him. So he has a big heart for

As I said, he is in so many ways like a normal child. He had heart surgery very recently and I was told he has been doing really well since! He even has an MP3 player and was getting me to listen to some of his favourite music! He is a charming, polite boy who would do well in a family. He is very social and helpful too. Would you be his family? Or could you share this post to help find his family.


Please just get in touch if you would like more info on Justin!
He is on an agency list with CCAI: http://www.ccaifamily.org/WaitingChild/11294